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!NOT just a Software Engineer

Working my whole life with IT, I have learned that in anything you do, you should not just have technical skills. Learning about the business and understanding what you are doing is a must for success.

Before I write my first line of code, I think outside the box. What values am I bringing to this application? What types of users will be using my application, and will my team be able to understand my code afterwards?


I am great at working with different teams. I have had the opportunity to work in at least 10 different countries, and I found it to be awesome!

Company's Need

My coding approach revolves around understanding and meeting the unique requirements of the company, ensuring great solutions in every project.

Design & User Experience

With some expertise in UI/UX design, I prioritize valuing each project I work on, ensuring user-friendly interfaces and meaningful experiences.

Continuous Growing

Committed to ensuring software scalability and continuous growth, I focus on crafting solutions that stand the test of time, always anticipating future needs.

Most exciting Projects

Clara Payment - Fintech

The challenge was to expand the company's territory throughout Latin America. As the first engineer hired in Brazil following a successful period in Mexico, Clara swiftly transitioned to Brazil. Collaborating closely with the product, design, and commercial teams, we quickly developed the Brazilian version of the application in the Latin America.

Mentorly - Mentorship Application

Facilitating mentorship posed challenges, from choosing a video conference tool to managing information flow. Mentorly entrusted me to enhance their video conference experience. I customized the system, allowing them to input specific business rules directly into their sessions.

Classroom Door - Remote Learning Application

How about a dynamic whiteboard for online learning sessions? Where the teacher could draw anything on it and this information would be available for all attendees? This was my challenge at Classroom Door, using web Canvas and realtime database from Firebase we have created a really great tool that helps the company.

Intro to Programming Teacher - Volunteer

I was invited to teach young minds about introduction in programming. This is such a pleasure, causing impact in other people lives and also helping them have a better vision about what programming is about and how they can learn better.

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Hall of Fame

My thankful note for those who have been with me since the beginning.

Proud to have the opportunity to work in 10 different countries around the world.